Monday, August 17, 2009

The Collision Course of Intelligence Agencies and Ufology

Anyone who has studied the history of UFOs realizes that a war is going on between those who seek the truth and those who want to hide or manipulate it. On the one side of this chess board are the Ufologists who have a genuine yearning for finding out the truth of this phenomenon and on the other side are the intelligence agencies and the phenomenon itself.

Since I can't speak for the phenomenon and I am not privy to the modus operandi of the intelligence agencies, I can only speak to what I can see in terms of patterns of activity. Let's start with why the intelligence agencies pay any heed to this subject at all.

If some UFOs represent a nonhuman technology or consciousness, well then it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that these unknown objects of unknown origin that are flying with impunity over American airspace are a national security concern. Now imagine your job is to defend American airspace and you are powerless to do so? Would you want to inform the American people that you suck at your job? Ego and pride are powerful components of the human experience but even above and beyond that are the societal implication of public confidence in Government. I could say much more about this angle but I will leave that for another post.

Now to the darker side of intelligence agency interest and this is the part that keeps me awake at night because it involves what I have come to term institutionalized deception. At some point soon after World War 2, a group of Americans who I am sure self labled themselves patriots, decided that UFOs could be used in psychological warfare against our perceived enemies. At the time, that was the Soviet Union. So they hatched a plan to make the Soviets think that UFOs were a new American weapon of war. Why? Keep reading.

One thing we Yanks learned from the Brits during the last great war was how to fib on a grand scale. Now of course, with the evil Nazi empire menacing the globe, such deception was a matter of survival. In a post WW2 world, the new threat of communist domination was also seen as struggle for survival. Unfortunately, these patriots took things a little too far, because in order to deceive our enemy, they decided that deceiving the American public would also be necessary.

Now your probably throwing your hands up in the air right now and screaming "Conspiracy Theory!" but before you make up your mind on this, I think you should read some of my research first. So download the paper I delivered at the recent MUFON Symposium from One thing to keep in mind, my research is far from over, and I will leave no stone unturned in my search for the truth.

Oh by the way, when you get to the part of my paper on Roswell, I am sure you will experience one of two things - either you will curse me again for bursting your bubble on the Roswell event or you will sit there and consider it a possibility. I have already seen the backlash from my paper on some Internet blogs and from comments I received at the Symposium. I am not going to bash anyone's opinions or beliefs, but will leave you with this - In Ufology there are no sacred cows and true progress comes from being willing to question what everyone else accepts as fact.

Since WW2, I believe that the intelligence agencies interest in the UFO subject has evolved as they have figured out how to squeeze more out of the subject to meet their own operational needs - societal control, disinformation, counterintelligence, psychological warfare, etc. are just some of the uses they have managed to extract from the field. Sometimes I think that we are a training ground for budding agency personnel..the thought being...practice on deceiving the Ufologists before you start deceiving the enemy.

So where does that leave the real phenomenon? Well, in a state of limbo, because we cannot get at the truth when the waters are constantly being muddied by these manipulators of truth. Finding the signal in so much noise is next to impossible. The intelligence agencies know this and if the signal starts coming through loud and clear, then they will just generate more noise to drown it out, and they will dig more rabbit holes to send us down.

So now that I think about it, the chess board analogy I used earlier is not entirely accurate, because "our" side of the chess board is trying to play by a set of rules that the other side is constantly changing. It reminds me of the American War of Independence where the Brits lined up their red coats in nice straight lines while we Yanks adopted guerilla tactics.

So what will the outcome of of this tit for tat, spy vs spy, cat and mouse, Ufologists vs intelligence operatives game be? As long as the value of deception outweights the risk of discovery and exposure, the game will continue. When enough critical minds cry foul and the game can no longer be played effectively, then it will come to an abrupt end, and heads will roll in Government. I hope I live to see that day so my son doesn't have to grow up in a society that our founding fathers would no longer recognize as a democracy by the people and for the people.